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Tianjin Shenglong Fiber Co. Ltd. was built in 2005 and located in Baodi of Tianjin City. The company covers an area of 40 acres, with 12000 square meters of workshop, 2000 square meters of staff dormitory, and the company owns a team of engineers, technicians and staff more than 290 persons.

The company owns a DOA production line made by Ausria, which is the sole one so far in China. By using of all the natural and environmental materials e.g. coconut fiber, natural latex, bamboo and etc, the company provides customers with various dimension range and specifications elastic emulsion gel mat.

Of the characters saying natural, environmental protection, low carbon, organic, and biodegradable, the products are widely used for the mattress, insole, pet cushion, car cushion, car mattress, pillow, seat cushion, sofa cushion etc.. ideal substitutes for polyester sponges and wire springs.

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